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Richard Aronson, Ph.D.Richard Aronson, Ph.D.

Professor and Head of Biology

Professor Rich Aronson is Head of the Department of Biological Sciences. He grew up in Queens, New York and was interested in marine biology by the time he was nine. He received his A.B. from Dartmouth College in 1979 and his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1985. Funded by the National Science Foundation, Dr. Aronson's research program combines paleontology and ecology to reconstruct the response of marine communities to environmental change in deep time. He brings this information to bear in predicting the impacts of climate change on contemporary coral reefs and seafloor communities in Antarctica. He has dived from remote islands of the Indo-Pacific, to Scotland, to the ice-covered Antarctic seas. Dr. Aronson has also done several stints as a NOAA saturation diver, living in underwater habitats for a week at a time to study Caribbean reefs. His energetic teaching style is peppered with humorous stories about his travels. Rich is also very active in outreach. He visits K-12 classes, works with journalists, and produces short videos on climate change and other environmental issues.

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