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Syed Murshid, Ph.D.Syed Murshid, Ph.D.

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

As a professor in electrical and computer engineering, Dr. Murshid serves both industry and academia. He is a dedicated teacher with a love and passion for education. He teaches and mentors the next generation of student scientists and engineers with the goal of instilling a desire to become the best they can be. Dr. Murshid works very hard to cultivate, through focused efforts and sustained labor, the work ethics in his students which will provide them with the confidence to become the best. His students work hard and they are challenged to excel. His treasures include: mails, notes, and comments from past students stating that his endeavors were critical to their successful careers. His research activities revolve around optics and photonics. His research focus lies in fiber optic communications where he is credited with adding two new degrees of photon freedom to optical fiber multiplexing. His students closely work with him on these endeavors and nearly a hundred of his patents, patent disclosures and publications list his students as his co-inventors and co-authors.

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