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Anna Montoya, M.A.Anna Montoya, M.A.

Instructor, School of Arts and Communication

Ms. Montoya is the lead Spanish instructor in the School of Arts and Communication and has been teaching at Florida Tech since 2002. She received her Master's from Middlebury College and her Bachelor's from the University of Central Florida. Additionally, she completed ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Oral Proficiency Interview Tester Training, and has used that expertise to tutor Spanish Education majors who seek to achieve the Advanced-Low level requirement for student teaching or state certification. A native of Miami, Florida, she grew up listening to Spanish for several years in late childhood before studying it in school and college. That experience facilitated her acquisition of the language's sound and grammar system. In her classes, she strives to bring the benefits of a primary emphasis on listening comprehension of practical, high-frequency words and phrases through conversation and repetition. As students increase their understanding of the spoken word, they begin to read more written texts, culminating at the end of the semester with the reading of a short novel made for learners.

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